Brahmotsav 2018 The grand founding day of Mahalaxmi Mandir


Bramhotsav 2018 FB Cover Photo

Enjoy an euphoria of blissful blessings and pure happiness

Pune is all set to welcome the king of all celebrations apart from Diwali. The stage is being set, the courtyard is being lit and the atmosphere is gleaming with pure energy and bliss. Along the busy traffic and heavy by-lanes of Swargate, The Heavenly Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir near Sarasbaug is getting ready for its annual festival-‘Brahmotsav’. The spick-and-span temple with its glistening white architecture, etching pillars and the presence of Almighty is looking all ready for its divine celebration.

The word ‘Brahmotsav’ means Utsav celebrated by Lord Brahma(The creator of the world). The festival is structured as a grand celebration that is so special such that it compels The Almighty Creator-Lord Brahma to come down on earth and pay a visit to this celebration. Usually, Brahmotsav is a festive celebration that lasts up to 9 days and is conducted annually. However, it does not have any specific muhurt or ritual and is flexible in its activities. As per our convenience, it can be celebrated for three days, six days or even nine days. The festival starts with Kalash Pujan and Garud Pujan. Mahalaxmi Mandir year by year on its founding day specifically organizes this grand celebration for three whole days. Mahasaraswati, the beloved daughter of Lord Brahma blesses everyone with impending knowledge, good intentions, philosophy and creativity. With devotion towards her and the holy visit of her father, devotees get good vibes, blessings and peace for an eternity.

Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir on this occasion of Brahmotsav will commence from 22nd January, 2018 with Garud Pujan, Kalash pujan and then lighting of the holy fire ‘The Yadnya or The Yag.’ This holy fire is lit in the main square of the temple where all the dexterous maharajas will recite powerful and holy mantras inviting all the gods and demigods to bless all the devotees. The devotees will also witness the grandest of activities of Brahmotsav 2018 which is ‘Palkhi’ and ‘Fulon Ki Holi’. As narrated earlier the celebration is blessed with the visit of Lord Brahma. Therefore, in the palkhi ritual, one palkhi is left vacant for there happens to be a virtual seating of Lord Brahma in it. Following this Palkhi, all the gods and goddesses idols are put in second Palkhi  and a procession is carried out encircling a walk-by around the temple. The celebration will end with all devotees playing ‘Fulon ki Holi’ wherein in everybody plays holi with scented natural flowers instead of colours and water.

With such bliss and happiness, like every year Shree Mahalaxmi Mandir will celebrate their annual founding day of 2018 in grand style and an euphoria of blessings.


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